Hartford International School

We are an international bilingual schoolwith an educational mission beyond academics; we give ourselves entirely to our students and families. We work with the soul to train excellence motivated by empathy and support for our students.

At Hartford International School, we comprehensively train our studentswith an international academic curriculum that is based on VALUES as a transversal base of all subjects and projects, we are inspired by constructivist pedagogy and humanism from an ethical vision of human beings through training in basic civic, technological, and labor competencies, promoting safety and self-esteem self-love and development of the unique abilities of each student.

The constructivism proposes a paradigm where the teaching process is perceived and carried out as a dynamic, participatory, and interactive process of the student is an authentic and meaningful construction guided by the institution to guarantee the superior scope of cognitive skills and competencies soft.

At HIS, we offer human quality, a positive discipline environment; we develop life skills such as cooking, folding clothes, sewing, organizing your finances; at Hartford business, we promote entrepreneurship among other skills such as teamwork, collaboration, creativity, structuring of processes, resilience, innovation among others, but especially in at our institution, we train upright human beings who leave traces of goodness in the world.

Parents and school we are a great family united for the welfare of all members of our educational community, especially our children and youth.


After more than a decade of work in education and the constant insistence of parents on the expansion of our educational services to primary and high school, we managed to consolidate a unique proposal called HARTFORD INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, the support of the board of directors and the HIS founding families, has led us to achieve the proposed goals, being a school that offers international bilingualism, strengthening leadership, empathy as a fundamental tool of the training process, teaching staff trained in pedagogy, foreign teachers and values such as the foundation of training of excellence.

In 2016 with the purchase of a piece of land located on the road to the sea, facing Carrera 51B and Carrera 46, this great dream began with an excellent location for the education sector. During 2017 and 2018, we provided our services at our headquarters in the city of Barranquilla; that year, 99% of our students obtained the highest grade in the Cambridge international tests, being recognized as a highly deserving category school. We have continued to maintain excellent results thanks to the delivery of students, managers, and teachers.

In 2019, with a lot of effort, we managed to inaugurate the first stage of our country headquarters, and it was a historic moment for our families and HIS team.

In 2020 we continue to dedicate ourselves to humane, comprehensive, and respect-based education. We built the Green Park and trampoline area roof, two micro-soccer fields, a vegetable garden, and 3 rooms on the third floor.

We continue to consolidate the path to double degrees with the United States and Canada and achieve new agreements for immersion in the English language.

HIS Mission

Positively transform our world from a humanized, bilingual, multicultural, Catholic, and values-based education to form leaders, entrepreneurs, and upright human beings with a globalized, social, and spiritual vision.

HIS Vision

To be an international bilingual school that stands out for its dedication, values, and academic excellence and training of leaders that positively transform the world with a broad, globalized, and human vision.

HIS Values

Within the training process provided, it is important to internalize and live daily the practice of the fundamental values on which the HIS Philosophy is based, to achieve the profile of the student you want and have a harmonious coexistence among all members of the educational community :

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Constancy
  • Honesty
  • Solidarity
  • Tolerance
  • Spirituality
  • Leadership


United in one voice,

children and young people formed with love

Values, principles and faith,

they are the bases of our interior.

We go united together as brothers

and in hand through the world, we walk.

Science, numbers and books

They help us on our journey.


I believe in you, I believe in me, I believe in my brother,

I believe in God and in a more human world.

With our example and great education

all united for a better world.

United in one voice,

children and young people formed with love

With our values and principles

Hartford International School

With our values and principles

Hartford International School …bis


The HARTFORD SCHOOL shield reflects the brotherhood with the image of hands shaking, academic excellence with the diploma, education for peace, and healthy coexistence reflected in the dove. The unconditional love that acts as a common thread of an integral formation symbolized in the heart, on the flag of our country, and the United States’ flag for the cooperation of this country through teachers and educational agreements that support the internationalization and bilingualism of our students. The phrase excellence, values, and leadership that frames our mission.



It is formed by the flags of Colombia and the United States as a symbol of bilingual education with an international curriculum and in the center our shield as a sign of the union of the two cultures and a global vision.

Our Pillars

Humanized Education

The present and future education must be fundamental, and universal teaching focused on the human condition. It must offer friendly environments, understanding, support, and above all, value each student as their UNIQUE, WONDERFUL, AND UNREPEATABLE being.

Values Training

Education in our students’ values is essential since it will allow them to adapt to environments, coexist correctly with other people, and solve conflicts more easily.


At Hartford, we form leaders across all of our programs, projects, activities, and study plans.

Institutional projects such as HIS TEACHER, HARTFORD BUSINESS, leadership in the organization, and participation in institutional events such as assemblies, activities, training allow us to strengthen the safety, self-esteem, and leadership of our students

Academic Excellence

We offer an international curriculum structured in high educational quality standards to raise each student’s intellectual potential.

Our HIS Team

Our management team and faculty are characterized by their greathuman quality, dedication, and experience in bilingual schools such as Karl C. Parrish, British School, Royal School, Idphu Campestre, among others.We are blessed to have excellent education professionals who do not see students as just another number or last name, they see them as the most important beings deserving of unconditional support, empathy, and respect.

At HIS, our children and young people feel valued and encouraged to such an extent that they are so happy that they do not want to leave when they come to pick them up regardless of age because they know that they are in a place that lives for them and was born out of love for them. They always have a friendly hand that helps and guides them, which always encourages them positively and where human warmth prevails.

Our Slogan

Our slogan is “Academic Excellence, Values and Leadership” finding a balance point where most tasks are carried out within the school day with the advice of teachers, enjoying an environment of positive discipline, developing life skills such as cooking, folding clothes, sewing, carrying out the organization of your finances, in Hartford business, we promote entrepreneurship among other skills such as teamwork, collaboration, creativity, process structuring, resilience, innovation among others, but above all in at our institution, we train upright human beings who leave traces of goodness in the world.

Why be a Hartford Family?

  1. Because in HIS, love, respect, and empathy are the conducting threads of the educational mission.
  2. Because, we are one of the few schools in Colombia recognized by the Ministry of Education through the Departmental Secretariat of Education of the Atlantic, as an International Bilingual School. (national non-bilingual).
  3. Cambridge International Certification at no additional cost for any reason; in some schools in the country, they charge simulations, Cambridge tests, or certificates.
  4. Inclusion of the French language in our academic curriculum from First Grade. (2020).
  5. HIS Restricted Homework Policy (Exception Math and English platform require practice; the rest of the subjects only require study because the tasks are carried out within the school day or strictly necessary tasks).
  6. Agreement: Native Teachers of the United States (Due to a health emergency, we depend on the opening of borders and work visa procedures for 2021).
  7. Intensive program in moral and spiritual values.
  8. A permanent project of emotional intelligence.
  9. Constructivist and humanist pedagogical approach.
  10. Qualified teachers in the mother tongue, with excellent human quality.
  11. Sports and artistic training within the school day.
  12. Free after school, guitar, singing, piano, soccer, artistic gymnastics. Cheerleader, danza, taekwondo entre otros.
  13. Free reinforcements prior to programming. (7:00 a.m. to 7:40 a.m.).
  14. Supervision recesses, snacks, and lunches.
  15. Hexagonal environments and tables that promote collaborative work.
  16. Meaningful experiences and empathy as pedagogical tools for the appropriation of learning.
  17. ONU model
  18. International educational exchange agreements.
  19. International academic curriculum.
  20. HIS Welfare Department at the permanent service of the community.
  21. Great projection of growth in infrastructure.
  22. Summer camp. The United States – Canada.
  23. Summer school. United States-Canada.